​The Semiconductor and material Spectroscopy (SMS) Lab contains specific and specialized equipment which enable the team to perform comprehensive studies.

Coherent Ti-Sapphire Ultra-fast Laser attached to Hamamatsu Streak Camera (with 2 ps resolution)
Pulse Picker to extend our Scan to ns and ms
Second and Third generator to extend our excitation wavelength range to deep UV
​Steady​ State Fluorescence Spectrometer using CW Xe Lamp CW Ar Laser and CW He-Cd Laser as Excitation Sources (UV to near IR). 
Low Temperature PL Setup.​

I-V and Photo Response Characterizations using different sources from UV to IR (224-1600 nm).​
Quantum Yields using an Integrated Sphere.​
We are using different synthesis and fabrications methods and also perform structural​ and magnetic characterization in the core labs.​