​The Semiconductor and material Spectroscopy (SMS) Lab contains specific and specialized equipment which enable the team to perform comprehensive studies.
We are equipped with state-of-the-art PL setup. We ​can also do polarization measuremets.
In our lab we can measure carrier lifetimes of samples within the picoseconds to milliseconds time range.
For time resolved spectroscopy and optical spectroscopy measurements, we have Coherent Ti:Al2O3 laser  (Liquid HE temperature - Nitrogen temperature) which is equipped with a peripheral 2nd and 3rd harmonic generator to allow selective excitation.
​ Our lab is equipped by APE Synchronously Pumped OPO that allows us to carry out PL excitation and time-resolved simultaneously.
Our Photoluminescence Excitation (PLE) setup includes fully automated Mc-Pherson monochromators for specific wavelength selection, as well as a high power, broadband Xe lamp that allows for a wide range of wavelengths to be selected during PLE investigations.


Our lab is equipped with EnergetiQ UV-NIR broadband lamp with accompanying fibres for Absorption experiments.