Photonics: Enhanced Performance of MoS2 Photodetectors by Inserting an ALD‐Processed TiO2 Interlayer (Small 5/2018)

by Yusin Pak, Woojin Park, Somak Mitra, Assa Aravindh Sasikala Devi, Kalaivanan Loganathan, Yogeenth Kumaresan, Yonghun Kim, Byungjin Cho, Gun‐Young Jung, Muhammad M Hussain, Iman S Roqan
Year: 2018 DOI:


In article number 1703176, Iman S. Roqan and co‐workers report the use of an atomic layer‐deposited TiO2 interlayer between exfoliated MoS2 and electrode to enhance the performance of MoS2 photodetectors. The TiO2 interlayer is inserted through 20 cycled‐atomic layer depositions, leading to significant enhancements in the photo‐responsivity and response‐recovery time.


Photonics: Enhanced Performance of MoS2 Photodetectors by Inserting an ALD‐Processed TiO2 Interlayer (Small 5/2018)