Vertical Light Emitting Devices

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Novel Nitride based Vertical Light Emitting Devices
​High-efficiency solid-state lighting and high-power electronics are considered one of the most important innovations for next-generation energy-saving devices. GaN is one of the most used materials in numerous optoelectronic and electronic applications because of its large direct energy band gap and high thermal stability properties. Vertical light emitting VLED devices are gaining research interest due to their potential applications as semiconductor devices. GaN based vertical emitting devices are promising candidates for high-efficiency and high-power devices, compared with lateral injection LEDs. VLEDs provide many advantages, such as better current injection, excellent heat dissipation, enhanced reliability with respect to electrostatic discharge, a good scalability of chip size, and simple packaging process.
We demonstrate the unique properties of conductive, transparent (201​)-oriented β-Ga2O3 substrate produces high quality, reliable III-nitride devices that can be injected vertically for a full wafer use. The β-Ga2O3 substrate combines the beneficial properties transparencyandconductivity of both SiC and sapphire. In addition, the transparency of Ga2O3 allows much brighter vertical LEDs to be fabricated compared to those grown on non-transparent SiC. Therefore, the unique properties of this substrate will have a positive impact on III-nitride high-performance ideal vertical devices.​